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Welcome to the update portal of Jochen Merz Software, from here you can download all your updates of registered ql/smsq software. To get a login or correct your registered software details please see our main page via the link below.

If you do not get anything displayed or downloaded after the login, please ensure that your security settings are set accordingly. Internet Explorer and Antivirus etc. are often set to block downloads. In Internet Explorer, goto Tools menu, then Internet Options and the Privacy tab. 1. Reduce "Accept All Cookies" slider to minimum (this is the most important bit) 2. Untick the 'Block Pop-Ups' option (not always necessary, depends on what other software you have) 3. Disable any other pop-up blockers such as Google or Yahoo toolbars.

For Opera users: the download will be renamed too something like cmx_1234567.htm - just rename it to the original filename e.g. qlfile_zip and you will be able to unzip it under QDOS and SMSQ/E.